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From full-time job to full-time real estate investor.

Zasha Smith

your real estate investment partner

Civil Engineer 👉 $10M+ Real Estate Portfolio

Zasha was a licensed civil engineer on Maui in Hawaii who worked for 10 years at a private firm on grading/underground utility construction plans for hotels, shopping centers and subdivisions.

She’s now a full-time real estate investor who built her $5 million residential portfolio of single family, multi family and short term rentals in Hawaii while also making a profit of over $1 million fixing and flipping 21 projects (with 6 more currently in progress) across the US in the last 3 yrs while raising over $7 million in funds from private investors.

Most of Zasha’s rentals have Section 8/HUD tenants and she sells most of her flips to first time home buyers to help those in need as she grew up in low-income housing with a single mom and put herself through college while having her first child.

She expanded to large commercial investments in January 2022 as part General Partner of 110 unit ($15.9M), 134 unit ($12.25M) and 263 unit ($70.6M) Value-Add Apartment buildings in Texas and Florida, majority owner in a 48 pad site RV park/glamping site and 15 unit office building in Missouri. She is also starting a $15 million real estate fund!

Zasha’s professional mission is to help other families achieve financial independence through real estate investing. With her background in analysis, a talent for networking, and her experience as an owner and landlord from humble beginnings, she’s able to identify and offer strong investing opportunities.

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